WWE Happenings


Anyone who spends ANY time with my kids knows how obsessed they are with wrestling.  We live, eat, breathe, sleep WWE in our house.  It is quite comical actually, because it seems the only one in this house that is not very impressed with wrestling is ME.  This is mainly because I am really not in the mood to take these kids to the ER when they break a bone from all the slamming and bouncing and everything else they do to each other.  Oh dear!

Needless to say, I have been forced to learn about these wrestlers and what they are doing and who they are fighting.  I thought I would share some updates on what is going on in the world of the WWE in case there are other mothers out there, like me, who need a cliff notes version of what their kids (and husband?) are constantly talking about!

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Cascade Platinum: Review and #Giveaway 2!

Cascade Prize Pack 2

Last month, I posted about the Cascade celebration we held at our end of summer block party.  What a fun time!  The winner of the first giveaway is Em.  She has been contacted about her prize.  CONGRATS!

We had so much fun, I decided to do it again at my son’s birthday party.  Every birthday celebration for our kids, we always give the other kids favors – goodie bags to take home.  What about the grown ups?  This time, while the kids were all outside in the yard playing birthday party games, I was inside with our family and friends telling them all about CASCADE PLATINUM!  And once again, it was a hit!

Joseph could not decide if he wanted a Wrestling or a Football themed birthday party when he turned five on September 18...

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“The Amazing Dream Team Pets” @usfg #HolidayGiftGuide2014

Dream Team Pets is much more than a bedtime toy-it’s an innovative kid’s sleep aid that helps end the bedtime battles of trying to keep your child in bed. Developed with the help of a pediatrician, Dream Team Pets bedtime routine empowers kids as they reward their Pet with stickers and a certificate for a good night’s sleep. If the child wakes up from a nightmare, there are no hard feelings because the responsibility is on their Pet, but when they successfully sleep in their own bed, the kids feel a sense of accomplishment as they reward their Dream Team Pet. What makes this unique is that the kids think they are training their Pet, but really they are sleep training themselves!

Massapequa Family Readers receive 30% Off Dream Team Pets with Promo Code: USFGUIDE
Order your Dream Team Pets h...

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Animalz by ReTrak Headphones #holidaygiftguide2014

Family road trips, casual listening and airplane rides will never be the same. Say goodbye to long, boring hours and squabbles in the backseat and say hello to Animalz headphones for kids!  Whether at home or on-the-go, Animalz by ReTrak retractable headphones are designed for little ears and feature volume-limiting technology in six lovable soft fabric animal designs: Biker Bearz, DJ Panda, Jam Bunneez, Scuba Shark, Skate Monkeez  and Surf Dawgz. Kids can now enjoy listening to their own music, playing games or watching movies all with their favorite Animalz!

Volume-Limiting Technology

According to the Journal of Pediatrics, more than 10 percent of children ages 9 to 19 have noise-induced hearing loss. Prolonged exposure to sound louder than 85 decibels can damage a child’s ears, causin...

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Earth To Echo now out on Blu-ray and DVD! #giveaway #echoinsiders


We took the kids to see this movie in the movie theater back over the summer.  It reminded me of the 2014 version of E.T.  We had even given away some free screening passes.  The kids loved it and so did Paul and I.  It is a great family movie for movie night! Earth to Echo is a tale told through the eyes of Tuck, Munch and Alex, a trio of pals who make an out-of-this-world discovery. The best friends venture out of their neighborhood to find the true meaning of friendship. After receiving signals on their phones, they meet Echo, a small, but amazingly energetic, alien trying to make his way back to his home planet. As they race to help their new friend, the boys will discover that little Echo has touched their hearts in unexpected ways and changed their lives forever...

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4th Annual Halloween Walk tomorrow – Drug Free LI

Fourth Annual Halloween Walk
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Marjorie Post Park
Massapequa New York
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Drug Free Long Island

halloween walk

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A Massapequa Halloween Party Spooktakular: DQ & MBN

halloween mbn thumb

Dairy Queen is teaming up with the Massapequa Business Network to bring our town the FREE Kids Halloween Party Spooktacular!

Massapequa Halloween

When: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Time: 4-6 pm

Place: Dairy Queen, 5366 Sunrise Highway, Massapequa

Sponsored by: Dairy Queen and the Massapequa Business Network

Bring the kids down to Dairy Queen, Massapequa on October 29th, from 4:00pm ~ 6:00pm for an afternoon of fun! There will be a magic show presented by John Lepre, face painting by Athena Harris and music provided by Dance Parties To Go, plus goodie bags!

halloween party spooktacular

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MHS/ SADD Safe Halloween Event

safe halloween

The SADD club, otherwise know as Students Against Destructive Decisions, consists of hundreds of students with more joining yearly.

The SADD club holds the annual Safe Halloween event which gives the children of our community a safe and rewarding way to celebrate the holiday.  Children of the community dress in costume, accompanied by a parent or other adult,  and trick or treat throughout the Halloween decorated halls of the school. This year, the Safe Halloween event will be held on Sunday, October 26, 2014.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

MHS SADD ‘Safe Halloween’

Site: Massapequa High Main
Start Time: 2:00 PM
End Time: 5:00 PM

safe halloween

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Sandy – Two Years Later: Local events to mark the anniversary


As we are about the mark the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, many of our families in our town and around the tri-state area are still struggling. The rest of us have moved on from Sandy long ago, but some have not been able to. Here are some activities in our town that you might want to join to show your support to these Sandy victims, two years later.

Here are two events being hosted by SANDY SUPPORT, MASSAPEQUA STYLE. Please attend one or both and support if you can!

Pay It Forward: STARS OF HOPE

Saturday, October 18 at 1:30pm
Marjorie Post Community Center

One of the 2nd year Sandy anniversary events will be painting Stars of Hope! Many communities are still struggling and we will be sending stars their way! We know stars soothe the soul! As you drive around Massapequa, you migh...

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Mr. Peabody and Sherman coming to Blu-ray and DVD on October 14th!

UPDATE (10/24/14): We have a giveaway!  One of our readers/Facebook “likers” will win a copy of the Mr. Peabody and Sherman Blu-ray!  Please visit our Facebook post and comment that you want to win the Blu-Ray/DVD!  Winner will be announced on Monday, 10/27 randomly from responses.  GOOD LUCK!

Unleash the fun at home with the hilarious comedy-adventure, DreamWorks Animation’s MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN

Mr. Peabody (Ty Burrell) is an inventor, scientist and genius who just happens to be a dog. With his son Sherman, he will embark on the most extraordinary adventure imaginable as they race against time to repair history and save the future. 

MRPEHE-001_BD_OSlve_YHnw_01_R10Enjoy some Mr. Peabody & Sherman MATH BRAIN BUSTERS and scroll down for a fun COLORING PAGE!

MathBrainBusterMathBrainBuster 2MathBrainBuster3


As a Fox Home Entertainment Insider, I rece...

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